The New York Landmarks Conservancy’s Sacred Sites Program provides congregations with matching grants for planning and implementing exterior restoration projects, technical assistance, and workshops. Since 1986, the program has pledged over 1,500 grants totaling almost $15 million to more than 800 religious institutions statewide, helping fund over $828 million in repair and restoration projects. Grants are awarded to assist with projects such as conditions surveys, architectural and engineering fees, roof replacements, masonry restoration, stained-glass restoration, and structural repairs. Priority will be given to essential repairs to the primary worship building. Grants are not available for pipe organ restoration, interior renovation, mechanical upgrades, or routine maintenance, including repainting.

The NYLC has been awarded a second three-year grant from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation, providing $50,000 per year to underwrite Sacred Sites Grants on Long Island through 2023.  Since partnering with the Foundation in 2018, our grants to Long Island Sacred Sites have more than tripled.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

Please read this detailed information about our grant application process before contacting us.

Process and Timeline: We encourage interested applicants to speak with Sacred Sites Staff before submitting an application.  As we continue to work mostly remotely, email is the best way to reach us.  Our email addresses are linked on the left-hand side the page, or you can call program staff at 212-995-5260.

We have two application deadlines per year, January (please see below for January 2023 information) and June 1, with grants pledged approximately four months later.  If the site is located in New York City, we accept only planning-cost applications on a rolling basis.

INFORMATION FOR 2023 ONLY: We are moving the January 2023 deadline to December 15, 2022.  Applications submitted by that date will be considered for funding in the January grant round.  If you have any questions about this one-time change, please contact us.  The June 1, 2023 deadline remains unchanged.

Projects are ineligible if a contract or work agreement has been signed, or if the project has been started, prior to the application deadline.  Sites are eligible to reapply for construction-cost grants every three years, but there is no moratorium on grants for planning costs.  Please contact us for more information.

Sacred Sites Open House

Since 2011 the Conservancy, along with our local partners throughout the state, has sponsored the Sacred Sites Open House.

The New York Landmarks Conservancy is a private non-profit organization.