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Straight Line Crazy


I just saw “Straight Line Crazy,” the hot play about Robert Moses. I had some quibbles with the script. But

More Questions on Penn Station Redevelopment


The Daily News and New York Post continue to raise concerns about Governor Hochul’s plan to tear down vibrant blocks

60 Wall Street Testimony


60 Wall Street is a post-modern gem, inside and out. The Conservancy spoke out at a Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing

Governor Continues to Ignore Penn Station Questions


Mayor Adams said yesterday he was open to having Madison Square Garden move on the same day Governor Hochul announced

Penn Questions and Criticism Continues


Editorials and commentators are continuing to question Governor Hochul’s proposed real estate deal surrounding Penn Station and asking for answers

Continued Questions About Towers Around Penn


Today’s New York Times story focusing on Governor Hochul’s push for 10 new supertall office towers around Penn Station points

A Sacking of Cities


Governor Hochul’s misguided plan for Penn Station has hit a “speedbump.” After criticism from the State Comptroller over the lack

Real Decisions on Penn Kicked Down the Track


Yesterday’s Public Authorities Control Board (PACB) vote was not a final approval of the Governor’s Penn Station plan, nor the

Make Two Phone Calls To Help Defeat Penn Plan


The Governor’s plan for Penn Station has been described as the “Worst Deal Since Manhattan Was Sold For $24.” We

Another Chance to Stop Outrageous Penn Plan


The Governor’s Penn Station Project sailed through the Empire State Development Board (ESD) last week with no dissent. But the

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